Course Number 0150-4102-01
Course Name Psychological First Aid [Pfa]
Academic Unit Faculty of Medicine -
Disaster Management
Lecturer Dr. Moshe FarchiContact
Lecturer Dr. Zohar RubinsteinContact
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Office HoursBy appointment
Contact Email:
Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Sackler Medicine
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 2
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 23/07/2023
Hours 09:00-14:30
Building Sackler Medicine
Room 326
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 24/07/2023 - 26/07/2023
Hours 09:00-14:30
Building Sackler Medicine
Room 936
Studies are held daily, on dates specified above, Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

A. General
The course is intended to train its participants to be both Psychological First Aid (PFA) providers as well as trainers for PFA providers. It will focus on the advanced and innovative approaches in the field of psychological first aid, centered on the SIX Cs model, which is recognized as the official national protocol of the State of Israel for PFA-based interventions.

PFA is currently the first operative arm of providing assistance to individuals who react in acute stress reaction symptoms during emergency or disaster events. Previous approaches have viewed administering of PFA as a procedure similar to any psychological treatment (such as short-term psychotherapy), yet studies in the field of neuropsychology indicate that the approach that will allow the victim to return to his/her well-being and continue functioning in the shortest time, should be fundamentally changed.

B. Course objectives
1. Acquiring theoretical and practical training to function as first responders through SIX Cs-focused PFA.
2. In-depth understanding of psychological and neuropsychological models on which the model is based.
3. Learning the method protocol, practicing it and implementing it.
4. Learning the methodology and acquiring the ability to be the training leaders (trainers) for PFA trainees of this method.

In order to receive the official authorization of the Israeli Ministry of Health [MOH] to train the SIX Cs model the course participants will have to successfully pass theoretical and practical exams.

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Course Requirements

Final Exam

Students may be required to submit additional assignments
Full requirements as stated in full syllabus

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according to the study program, appears on the program page of the handbook

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