Course Number 0150-4202-01
Course Name Disaster Economics
Academic Unit Faculty of Medicine -
Disaster Management
Lecturer Prof. Daniel SchydlowskyContact
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Office HoursBy appointment
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 2
Semester 2022/2
Day Wed
Hours 15:15-16:45
Building Sackler Medicine
Room 326
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

The rapid expansion of the number of humanitarian actors in recent years, working for or with governments at all levels and often in complex situations, makes humanitarian diplomacy increasingly important. Humanitarian diplomacy is persuading decision makers and opinion leaders to act, at all times, in the interests of vulnerable people, and with full respect for fundamental humanitarian principles.
Humanitarian diplomacy aims to mobilise public and governmental support and resources for humanitarian operations and programmes in the field, and to facilitate effective partnerships for responding to the needs of vulnerable people. Humanitarian diplomacy includes advocacy, negotiation, communication, formal agreements, and other measures. It is a field with many players, including governments, militaries, non-governmental armed groups, international organizations, NGOs, the private sector, and private individuals.

Course objectives:
Students in this course will develop an in-depth understanding of the current best practices in humanitarian diplomacy; at the theoretical as well as at the operational field level. The course will also provide the tools necessary for critical reflection, analysis, and debate on the humanitarian diplomatic approaches of international humanitarian aid actors in complex humanitarian emergencies (political and man-made) as well as in natural disasters.

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