Course Number 0150-4500-01
Course Name Internship Program
Academic Unit Faculty of Medicine -
Disaster Management
Lecturer Prof. Bruria AdiniContact
Contact Email:
Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Faculty of Medicine , Room: 719
Mode of Instruction Practicum
Credit Hours 4
Semester 2022/1
Date 23/10/2022
Day Sun
Hours 12:00-13:30
Building Faculty of Medicine
Room 937
Semester 2022/1
Date 24/11/2022
Day Thu
Hours 10:00-11:00
Building Faculty of Medicine
Room 937
Semester 2022/1
Date 29/12/2022
Day Thu
Hours 10:00-11:00
Building Faculty of Medicine
Room 937
Semester 2022/2
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

Course description and objectives:

Internships are an effective way to gain work experience, increase employment opportunities, and be a stepping-stone to a desired industry and sector. They provide opportunities to learn and gain hands-on experience related to individual career goals and fields of interest. Successful completion of an internship makes a job candidate more attractive to employers who prefer to hire individuals who possess better work habits, soft skills, technical understanding, and industry skills. Participating in an internship will broaden your knowledge and open the door to novel opportunities as you develop new connections and expand your professional network.

The internship program in the Master of Disaster Management (M.DM.) is designed to expose the students to the realm of disaster preparedness and humanitarian aid, by interning in one of the entities that focus on these areas. Students will have the unique opportunity to view the practices as they evolve in the field versus the theories learned in the academic program.

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