Course Number 0321-3808-01
Course Name Physics Laboratory C- sem.A
Academic Unit The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences -
Lecturer Prof. Sara BeckContact
Lecturer Prof. Haim SuchowskiContact
Contact Email:
Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Kaplun - Physics , Room: 117
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Office HoursBy appointment
Mode of Instruction Laboratory
Credit Hours 12
Semester 2021/1
Day Sun
Hours 09:00-12:00
Building Shenkar - Physics
Room 109
Semester 2021/1
Day Sun
Hours 13:00-16:00
Building Shenkar - Physics
Room 109
Semester 2021/1
Day Wed
Hours 09:00-12:00
Building Shenkar - Physics
Room 109
Semester 2021/1
Day Wed
Hours 13:00-16:00
Building Shenkar - Physics
Room 109
Semester 2021/1
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

Physics Laboratory C Syllabus

Course overview - short abstract

Head Instructor: Eyal Bahar

Academic Year, Semesters

3rd, A+B

Number of Hours/ Credits


Prerequisites: Lab A + B

Year in program & how often given, if relevant

3rd Year, given every year

Physics Laboratory C is a compulsory course for third year physics students.
The purpose of LabC is to prepare students to future research work.
LabC covers all areas of physics studied at TAU: elementary particles, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, laser physics, medical physics and astronomy.
LabC is an independent course, and is not supposed to complement other courses. Most of the material will be new to the students, requiring an extensive preparation effort before starting the experimental work at the laboratory.
The experiments are performed by students in pairs, with as little help from tutors as possible.
Each experiment takes 4 teaching weeks, 1 week for preparation, 2 weeks for performance and 1 week for data analysis and writing the report.

Learning outcomes - short description

Students will be capable of oral and written scientific communication, and will prove that they can think critically and work independently.
Students would master advanced physics concepts
Students will Analyze, interpret, and evaluate scientific hypotheses and theories using rigorous methods (including statistical and mathematical techniques).

Assessment: coursework and grade structure

Each pair will perform three experiments, each worth 3 credit points for a total of 9 credit points per semester. An experiment's grade is composed of:

Pre-experiment exam - 30%

Experimental work - 10%

Final report - 60%

Required text - in language of origin (if Hebrew or Arabic, no need to translate it)

As mentioned in the course's description, the lab covers all fields of TAU experimental departments, hence the literature covers all topics accordingly.

Full Syllabus
Course Requirements

Students may be required to submit additional assignments
Full requirements as stated in full syllabus

PrerequisitePhysics Laboratory B1 (03212121) +Physics Laboratory B2 (03212122)

The specific prerequisites of the course,
according to the study program, appears on the program page of the handbook

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