Course Number 0581-4232-01
Course Name Physical Properties of Crystals
Academic Unit The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering -
Materials Science and Engineering
Lecturer Dr. Semen GorfmanContact
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Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Wolfson Mechanical Engineering , Room: 129
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Semester 2020/1
Day Tue
Hours 12:00-15:00
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

Elective course: Physical properties of crystals

First semester, 2019 - 2020

Lecturer: Dr Semyon Gorfman


The goal of this course:

To become familiar with the physical properties of crystalline materials, their description and applications.

Prerequisites: All the basic courses in mathematics and physics. Introduction to crystallography and structure analysis.

Format of the course:

3 hours per week of lecture (including some examples exercises, solved in the classroom). You will get homework assignments to be submitted individually.

Grading and exam:

The final grade will be calculated from the exam (80 %) and the solved homework (20%). However, many additional extra-tasks will be available throughout the course and there will be opportunity to collect sufficient number of points during the semester.

Tentative topics:

Part I. Mathematical Introduction

Introduction: Definition of materials properties. Physical properties of crystals.

Operations with tensors: The use of tensors for the description of materials properties. Transformation of coordinate systems and tensor components.

Symmetry: Definition of symmetry, symmetry operations, mathematical representation of symmetry operations. The role of symmetry of the structures for materials properties. Neumann principle.

Symmetry and physical properties of crystals: Symmetry of crystals. Bravais types of lattices, crystal systems and point symmetry groups.

Part II. Physical properties of materials

Electrocaloric and dielectric properties of crystals: Heat capacity, pyroelectric effect, electrocaloric effect and dielectric susceptibility. Polar and non-polar crystals. Applications.

Strain and stress tensors: Description of materials deformation and external forces by second rank tensors. Tensile and shear strains / stresses.

Elastocaloric properties of crystals: Thermal expansion and piezocaloric effect. Thermodynamics of elastocaloric properties and their relation to crystal symmetry. Negative thermal expansion coefficients. Preparation of cuts for zero thermal expansion.

Piezoelectric properties crystals: Direct and converse piezoelectric effects. Voigt notations. Crystal symmetry and piezoelectric effect. Representation surfaces.

Piezoelectric ceramics and applications of piezoelectric effect: Preparation, symmetry and properties of piezoelectric ceramics. Applications of piezoelectric materials.

Elastic properties of crystals: elastic stiffness and elastic compliance. Voigt notations for elastic coefficients. Bulk compressibility, Young modulus and Poisson ratio.

Propagation of elastic waves through crystalline materials: Mathematical description of elastic waves. Calculation of sound velocities and measurement of elastic coefficients.

Part III (Optional). Advanced physical properties of materials

Optical properties of crystals: Propagation of light through crystalline solids. Optical birefringence. Optical indicatrix. Optical birefringence and crystal symmetry. Applications.

Second Harmonic Generation (SHG): Definition of the property and SHG-tensors. Voigt notations. Crystal symmetry and SHG. Applications

Exotic physical properties of crystalline materials: Quadratic electrostriction, flexoelectric effect.

Recommended literature:

[1]. J.F. Nye. Physical properties of crystals and their representations by tensors and matrices. Oxford University Press. 1985.

[2]. Robert E Newnham. Properties of Materials : Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure. Oxford University Press. 2005.

[2]. International Tables for Crystallography, Volume D. International Union of Crystallography, 2016.

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Course Requirements

Final Exam

Students may be required to submit additional assignments
Full requirements as stated in full syllabus

PrerequisiteIntrod' to Mathematics 1 (05811117) +Calculus 1b for Mec' & Ma (05091646) +Physics (1) (05091826) +Physics (2) (05091829) +Introduc' Mathematics 2 (05811118)

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