Course Number 0581-5222-01
Course Name Processes At Single-Crystal Surfaces
Academic Unit The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering -
Materials Science and Engineering
Lecturer Prof. Ilan GoldfarbContact
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Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Wolfson Mechanical Engineering , Room: 125
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Semester 2021/1
Day Mon
Hours 16:00-19:00
Building Wolfson Software
Room 106
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

Introduction to surfaces: surface physics, thermodynamics, and mechanics (surface energies, stresses, Wulf construction, etc). Surface studies and ultra-high vacuum (UHV): some UHV basics, the kinetic theory of gases, surface preparation. Surface structures and reconstructions: 2D real lattice concept, crystallography, symmetry, reciprocal lattice, ideal singular surfaces, e.g. metals and realistic surfaces (relaxation, reconstruction, TLK model, and stepped surfaces, e.g. in semiconductors). Woods and matrix notation. Adsorption, desorption, order, and coverage: definition of coverage, chemisorption and physisorption, kinetics and energetics, Langmuir isotherm, adsorbate overlayer geometries and structures. Determination of surface structure and topography: reciprocal space (LEED, RHEED) and real space (STM) methods. Introduction to epitaxial growth: growth modes, molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), strained-layer heteroepitaxy & self-assembly.

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PrerequisiteMaterials Science & Engin (05812111)

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