Course Number 1231-3928-01
Course Name Development and Use of Patents As a Strategic Business Tool
Academic Unit The Coller School of Management -
Business Administration
Lecturer Lawy Gerson PanitchContact
Contact Email:
Office HoursBy appointment
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Semester Units 1
Semester 2023/2
Date Range 30/06/2024 - 04/07/2024
Hours 17:15-20:45
Studies are held daily, on dates specified above, Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

This is a crash course in patent strategy geared to strategically-minded business people. Some companies spend fortunes on patents and end up with little value. Others develop and use patents with a level of strategic precision that enables them to boost their valuation by many multiples. In this course, we will focus on what businesspeople need to know in order to align their patents with their long-term business strategies, and with the goal of affirmatively using patents as a mechanism to propel valuation.

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