Course Number 1264-4000-01
Course Name Media, Business, Government and Capitalism
Academic Unit The Coller School of Management -
Business Administration - Specializing in Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Lecturer Mr. Guy RolnikContact
Contact Email:
Office HoursBy appointment
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Semester Units 1
Semester 2020/1
Date Range 02/02/2021 - 09/02/2021
Day Tue
Hours 17:00-21:30
Semester 2020/1
Date Range 03/02/2021 - 10/02/2021
Day Wed
Hours 17:00-21:30
Studies are held weekly, on dates specified above, Hybrid course–combine face to face classes and online learning , Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

The purpose of the workshop is to increase the self-awareness and engagement of the participants towards the "learning journey" that awaits them during the intensive two years of the program.
Personal awareness addresses students' strengths, barriers, and values. Sensitivity to inner emotions and the emotions of others and the ability to examine personal behavior in the context of other people. These are frequently examined in the face of a career management process and at any stage where the balance is disturbed at the organizational or personal level. From the understanding that the organization is the combination of knowledge, abilities and relationships of the people, the context of the organizational environment in which the student functions will be examined in depth.

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