Course Number 0321-3109-01
Course Name Analytical Electromagnetism
Academic Unit The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences -
Lecturer Prof Benjamin SvetitskyContact
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Office HoursWednesday 15:00 - 14:00
Building: Kaplun Math , Room: 409
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Semester 2020/1
Day Mon
Hours 13:00-14:00
Semester 2020/1
Day Thu
Hours 12:00-14:00
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Maxwell's Equations in vacuum and in matter. Electrostatics: multipoles, boundary value problems. Magnetostatics. Dynamics: potentials, gauge invariance, wave equation, energy. Plane waves, polarization, waves in media, optical phenomena. Radiation from moving charges and from continuous current distributions. Multipoles, antennas. Theory of relativity: dynamics of particles and of EM fields.

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PrerequisiteClassical Physics 2 (03211119) +Special Relativity (03211201) +Waves (03212102) +Mathematical Me (03212130) +Methods of Theoretical Ph (03212131)

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