Course Number 0455-3561-01
Course Name Pollination Biology
Academic Unit The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences -
Lecturer Dr. Yuval SapirContact
Contact Email:
Office Hours By appointmentBuilding: Yehuda Naftali Botanical Garde , Room: 06
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Semester 2021/2
Day Mon
Hours 12:00-14:00
Building Yehuda Naftali Botanical Garde
Room 001
Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

The course will introduce the students the fundamentals of reproductive biology in plants from an evolutionary perspective. The course will span subjects from plant mating systems, through plant-pollinator interactions and pollinator-mediated selection, to the ecosystem level and agricultural applications. The students will understand the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that drive reproductive strategies and flower evolution in plants. The course materials will combine theoretical, empirical, and experimental literature.
Course topics:
1. Flower morphology
2. Mating systems in plants; the theory of sex allocation
3. Selfing and out-crossing strategies
4. Abiotic pollination ? wind and water
5. Biotic pollination: advertisement and reward
6. Pollinator-mediated selection on floral traits
7. Honest signaling and cheating
8. Specialization and generalization in pollination
9. Pollination communities and networks
10. Pollination in agriculture

The course includes two full-day field laboratory, in 22 February and 29 March, 2022. These days are obligatory.

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